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Certificate: Call Center
Call Centers are a way of life in today's American economy. They provide several services to both their owning businesses and their customers, including sales, service, delivery notification and customer support, to name but a few. Getting an online certificate in call center training is a way to step into that world, or to progress through it.

Typically, call center certification does not offer transferability to degree courses, but that is largely because there are no degrees currently available on the subject. They do provide a type of training similar in all respects to what you would find in a college classroom, be it on campus or online.

Advantage: Step up to Call Center Manager
Call center certification prepares a student to move into a supervisory or management position in a call center, or even over a group of call centers. In truth, no certificate is required to work in, or even supervise, a call center – and this, of course, includes recertification or other continuing education. But in today's high-paced sales environment, and with the lack of ethics shown by some call centers, there is a need for legitimate businesses to assure themselves that their managers, supervisors and employees can deliver the goods without alienating the customers. Certification helps achieve that objective.

Certificate Example: University of Phoenix
A great example of this type certificate is the one offered at The University of Phoenix. Their online certification course consists of six classes. Call Center Management Overview & Applications provides an overview of the call center business. Strategies for Managing Call Center Personnel develops a student's abilities in recruitment, motivation, human resource practice, training, labor law and other personnel issues.

Call Center Operations Management I concentrates on the nuts and bolts that make a call center work – operations, development, management and planning. Call Center Operations II stress the use of tools and technologies that help measure performance and introduces the student to risk management concepts.

Leveraging Customer Relationships deals with customer relations and customer information management. Strategic Call Center Thinking helps the student develop strategies for using the things that make up the call center: people, processes, equipment, and services. This class also deals with the use of the call center, itself – where it fits into the company and the market, when it's a good idea and what to expect in the future.

As with any online courses offering college level work, you can expect several methods of receiving instruction, all designed to make you feel you are part of the class without ever setting foot on campus. These include streaming video, books, forums, chatrooms, online libraries and email. For a person with a basic education, willing to work hard and with a desire to succeed, a certificate in call center training can be an excellent career starter and addition to your resume.

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