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Certificate: Medical Case Management
Who in the world could use a Medical Case Management Certificate? If you're a nurse, insurance company employee, or work in any healthcare facility, you may be interested in this certification. In fact, if you're already managing cases in any sector of the medical field, you may be interested in obtaining this online certificate.

The Medical Case Management Certificate is a post degree certificate helping professionals balance all the factors that go into medical decision making in today's world. Typically, the courses will apply to any appropriate degree, should the student later decide to go that route.

Example: Kaplan University Online
Kaplan University has such a program, designed to be completed in a year or less. They offer eight courses including Disease & Disability Management, Legal & Ethical Issues in Case Management and Designing Case Management Models.

Advantage: Put your Career in Motion
Like many post-degree certificates, there is no requirement for such a certificate to hold a job in the field. However, while the field is growing it is also attracting many applicants, especially for the best jobs. This one time commitment can give you a significant leg up on the competition, as well as making you better at caring for others, possibly the reason you chose the field in the first place.

If you are worried that you will miss the school experience by taking courses online, you shouldn't be. Today's students keep in touch with their professors, and each other, in a variety of ways including streaming video, email, forums, chatrooms and online libraries. Many universities now offer podcasts or MP3 version of their lectures.

As an example of way technology will help you learn, you might look at Kaplan Online University. Many Kaplan courses offer online quizzes, with instant feedback, at the end of every lesson, helping you know where you need to focus your energy to improve your learning. Kaplan classes also use what they call "web field trips." As a class, you visit sites on the web that offer information and insight into your field of study.

Kaplan also has an agreement with the University of Alabama at Huntsville, Alabama that allows use of the UAH library. The entire library catalog – 325,000 books, 20,000 periodicals and uncounted government records – is online and available to Kaplan students. Books can be checked out online and physically sent to the student and other materials can be scanned and sent directly by fax or email.

The key things to remember are that a Medical Case Management Certificate can make you better at your job and increase your worth to your company or agency – and you can have that certificate, online, on your schedule, in less than a year.

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