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Certificate: Internet and Website Development
The World Wide Web is the wave of the future. Ever expanding and with no end in sight, the need for people who can build websites can only grow. And with an Internet and Website Development Certificate, you can grow with it.

Courses for website development certification are similar to, and in many cases actually are, college courses. You won't get a traditional college degree, though. Instead, you get a certificate that shows you have taken the core curriculum necessary to understand and work in the industry. The certificate comes at a much more modest expenditure of time and money, and for many jobs may be all you need.

Example: Kaplan University Online
For a certificate in Internet and Website Development from Kaplan University Online, expect to take courses such as Web Development Tools (using such things as HTML editors and Javascript), Database Management and Website Security, among others. And here is the really good news. If you ever need to pursue a full college diploma in the subject, your certification courses typically count toward your degree.

Advantage: Employer Confidence in your Training
Certificate in hand, you'll be prepared for work as a website designer or in website maintenance, helping companies flourish online. You might be working on a website that advertises your firm's products or services, or even automating the provision of those goods or services directly from the web.

Your certificate training will not be limited to just reading, listening to lectures or taking tests (although you will do all those things). Hands on work is usually stressed in these courses. You can expect to use the actual tools of professionals to build, maintain and modify websites, and to create a portfolio of work to show prospective employers.

Why get a certificate? Why not just read a book on the subject – after all, you have to read about it anyway? Especially when no laws or codes require certification to work on the web. There is good reason.

Employers want to know that you can do the work they pay you for. However, many employers won't know enough about the web to judge for themselves what you know. A certificate, on the other hand, says you have passed a course of study they enables you to do the work to industry satisfaction.

Due to the constantly and rapidly changing nature of the web, there is no requirement for recertification or continuing education. However, you may find updating your knowledge a good idea in a field that changes as fast as information technology does. Still, it is nice to know you don't have to meet a deadline to maintain your work status.

Cost of an Internet and Website Development Certificate can vary widely even within a single institution, depending on the level of certification you seek and the number of courses involved. Expect to pay three to five hundred dollars per course, as well as investing in books and paying some minor fees, and to take from five to fifteen courses.

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