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Learn to Play the Guitar Online Courses
Are you surprised that guitar playing, a hands on activity if ever there was one, is one of the most popular online courses around? Playing a guitar is just about the most fun a person can have without laughing out loud. Whether you play with a band, strum along when you sing or pick out songs for your own amusement, a guitar is a great way to pass the time. Best of all – even if you don't know a thing about guitar you can be playing a song within an hour or so. And yes, you can learn how right on you own computer.

Guitar courses for credit can cost as much as a thousand dollars or more per course. On the other hand, many of us just want to knock down a few chords or riffs. Not to worry, many online courses are inexpensive and some are free.

Online guitar instruction comes in almost any form imaginable. You can download books or sheets of music, some courses send you CDs or show streaming videos, letting you hear various songs, and almost all have diagrams of guitars showing finger placement for chords and notes. Many will explain techniques, simple to advanced, in great detail. Most will not have direct contact with an instructor, but some do.

Some guitar courses teach the history or care of the guitar instead of, or in addition to, music. The type of music often influences the nature and cost of courses. Classical tends to be more expensive and intensive. Popular music is often less formal, with lessons pointing out limited aspects of the genre. You can find more techniques on rock sites, for instance, than you can ever learn, much less use.

There was a day when getting a good guitar was a serious investment. You can still pay ten thousand dollars or more for a prime, handmade instrument, but that isn't necessary. The machinery to make good, inexpensive guitars today is readily available and even the most popular guitar lines such as Fender or Gibson make good instruments for reasonable prices – under five hundred dollars.

You should always play a guitar before you buy it. Check the tone and make sure it is pleasing to your ear. There should be no ringing or buzzing in the strings. The strings should be close enough to the neck of the guitar that they press against easily, without touching it. Many guitar sites, including many with lessons, have information on guitars and how to choose the right one for you.

Maybe the best thing about a guitar course is the homework. Most homework is practice, and practice just means playing the guitar. What could be better than that? When your fingers get too sore to play (and until you develop calluses they will), then you read about guitars, history and theory. What a life!

Grades? For the most part you can forget about grades, the exception being the more formal courses. Online guitar isn't about grades, it's about learning something for which you have a passion. Your grade is how much you enjoy what you are doing.

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