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Real Estate Appraisal Online Courses
Taking online courses in real estate appraisal is one popular route to a career in the real estate industry. Real estate appraisers are quite different from real estate agents or brokers, though a person may be both. Real estate appraisers are paid for determining the worth of a piece of real property, essentially land and buildings. Brokers and agents actually sell real estate for the property owners. Real estate appraisal is important not only to buyers and sellers, but to lenders who need to know the amount they can safely loan on a piece of property.

Real estate appraisal requires several courses that may be taken individually or are often offered in packages. Total cost should be around a thousand to fifteen hundred dollars, depending on your institution, any state fees, state course requirements, etc.

One example of coursework is the series of courses being developed by Van Education Center (or VanEd as they often call themselves). For Texas students seeking their initial appraisal license VanEd will offer six courses with a total of one hundred fifty classroom hours (minimum requirement for Texas): Basic Appraisal Procedures I & II, Residential Report Writing & Case Studies, USPAP 2008-2009, Site Valuation & Cost Approach and Sales comparison & income approaches. Total cost will be about $1,250.

To keep an appraiser's license in Texas, and most states, requires continuing education credits. These same courses, if not taken before, can be taken individually to maintain certification at a cost ranging from $249 for the fifteen-hour courses to $355 for the thirty-hour courses.

VanEd, by the way, is a real estate education company that is owned, managed and staffed by licensed qualified real estate professionals. Their entire orientation is online and their purpose is to help real estate professional, current and prospective, fit their training into a schedule and budget they can manage. They provide classes to students in twenty-seven states and the District of Columbia. Several such other groups help fill this valuable niche.

Textbooks seem to be the most common method of providing coursework in this field. Instructors are typically available by email and some, such as VanEd, by phone. Lectures, where given, will usually either be printed or streaming video.

Real Estate Appraisal training is largely basic schoolwork. Expect lots of reading, listening to lectures and test taking. These courses cover both how-to type instruction and legal requirements, and some material will be dull – unless your interests are different from most people. However, it is necessary to understand how the job is completed properly.

Grading for this type of course is likely to be either standard A-F type or pass-fail. Some sort of formal grading system is necessary for online real estate appraisal courses, as most of them offer or lead to certification or licensing and many, if not all, states have requirements that must be met for the classes to count.

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