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AA in Early Childhood Education
An AA in Early Childhood Education, earned either online or in a traditional venue, can open the doors to working with preschool children in settings such as managing a daycare center or teaching small ones in a private school. The Associate of Arts degree is typically a two-year degree, requiring about sixty semester hours. Cost for the Early Childhood Education degree will likely run from around five thousand dollars to about three times that. Admission to an AA degree program usually requires a high school diploma or equivalent.

Smarter Than a Sixth-Grader
Penn Foster College offers an excellent example of what to expect in an online Early Childhood Education Degree. First, you must pass a basic assessment in reading and math. Assuming you pass, you can begin the actual courses. If not, you can get remedial training.

Beginning Classes
First semester you will take two single credit courses – Orientation to Early Childhood Education and Information Literacy. The three required full three credit courses are Fundamentals of Early Childhood Education; Essentials of Psychology; and Health, Safety and Nutrition for Young Children. Finally, you have one general education elective, your choice of either Art Appreciation or Music Appreciation.

On to the Good Stuff
Second semester required courses are Child Growth and Development, Curriculum for Early Childhood Education, English Composition and Computer Applications. You get one Early Childhood Education elective, either Language and Literacy Development in Young Children, Developing Math and Science Skills in Young Children or Art, Music and Movement.

Practical Application in the Real World
Entering your second year get ready for Guidance in Early Childhood Education, You will work with Preschoolers, Infant and Toddler Care, Interpersonal Communication and Working with Children with Special Needs. This semester is a science elective - either Introduction to Biology or Earth Science.

Preparing for a Challenging Career
For your final semester you will get Field Experience; Play in the Lives of Young Children; Mathematical Applications; and the Child, Family and Community. You will also take your choice of two available Early Childhood Education Electives: Cultural Diversity in the Early Childhood Program or Administration of an Early Childhood Education Center.

Test Time
All courses have proctored examinations. This totals out to sixty-two credit hours, of which up to one-half may be transferred in from other universities. Forty-nine hours are in the core curriculum of Early Childhood Education. Thirteen hours are in general education. Foster Penn is able to provide more than the average number of hours in the core curriculum by testing their students in math and reading to ascertain their skill level in those areas.

Online Courses Involve Technology
Online degree courses use a variety of teaching methods lacking nothing available in a traditional classroom – including visual streaming, MP3, forums, email, chatrooms and online libraries.

If you like working with small children but can't afford the time or money for a four-year plus degree, the AA in Early Childhood Education may be just what you’re looking for.

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