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AA in General Education
An AA in General Education is one of the most popular online degree courses because it covers the basic requirements of the first two years of college. Often students will choose this degree plan when they have not settled on a major. Others find it helps them with employers seeking prospects with college credit, but not necessarily needing a specific field of training – such as sales reps or administrative assistants.

Entrance Requirements and Fees
A person seeking a general education AA would need to have completed high school or the equivalent. The typical associate's degree is about sixty semester hours. Cost will normally run between five and fifteen thousand dollars for tuition, books and fees, and perhaps higher at some institutions. Of course, cost is not the only thing you should consider. The particular courses one might expect include math, science, social studies, history, grammar, etc.

General Ed Degrees are Ubiquitous.
Many online schools offer general education degrees. One such is Liberty University. A ministry of Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia, Liberty started out as a seminary founded in 1973 with forty-one students. It now bills itself as the world's largest evangelical Christian university. Liberty maintains its campus in Lynchburg, where more than ten thousand students attend daily classes. There are now another twenty-seven thousand students enrolled in Liberty's external degree programs, including online degrees and courses.

Associates degrees are offered at Liberty only through their Distance Learning (online) Department. In addition to the General Education degree, fields available for AA's are Accounting, Business, Criminal Justice, Management Information Systems, Psychology and Religion.

Other online opportunities include bachelor's degrees in the same subjects, as well as Education, Multidisciplinary Studies and Nursing, all of which will accept your general education AA courses should you decide to upgrade. There is a minor available in Management Information Systems as well as a professional certificate in Bible Studies.

Liberty offers twenty-one online postgraduate degrees. These degrees are either entirely off campus or (in six cases) require a one or two week on campus "intensive." One of these programs is a doctorate.

Twenty education or religion postgraduate degrees, including two doctorates, are offered in Liberty's blended studies program, where you work both on and off campus. These are in addition to the twenty-five postgraduate courses offered on campus. Liberty offers online education as a means of providing opportunity to those not near, or able to move near, a college campus, and who cannot abandon their jobs for an on campus education.

A General Ed degree is a Great Way to Get Started.
Don't think that just because you get your education online you are left out of the classroom experience. Today's online courses are likely to use streaming video, MP3, email, forums and chat rooms right along with books and CDs. Many even allow you to mix campus and online formats in pursuit of your online degree.

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