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BA in Business Administration
A BA in Business Administration is all about running a business and requires that you know something about most facets of managing a for profit enterprise. Your course of study in pursuit of a BA degree through an online course will likely require such varied classes as accounting, marketing and business law or ethics.

Business Admin. Work Load
Typically, a BA is a four-year degree. This will translate into about 120 semester hours or 160 quarter credits, depending on the university. It can be done in less than four years with a greater commitment in hours studied per week, or you can take longer if you need to take it slower, for instance if you have a full-time job.

Academically, starting a BA program requires that you have a high school diploma or the equivalent. Typically, you will need to complete about sixty hours or eighty quarter credits of lower class work before delving into the meat of the subject. For those eager to get started in their field you can take solace in the fact that among those first sixty hours will be the basic courses in your field, and there are more of those in business administration than in most other majors.

Entry Level Job for Starters
A business administration degree will not automatically make you eligible for a top management spot in a Fortune 500 company, but it is a start. It will help you run a small start up or family business, if that is your goal. Or it will prepare you for a junior management position with an established company, from which you can work your way to the top.

Tuition and Expenses
Tuition for a BA in Business Administration varies. For instance, it will run you about $40,000 at Ashford University, close to $50,000 at Florida Tech. Added to that will be the cost of books and minor administration fees. Both are comparable to most traditional large state or small private universities, and that cost seems about standard for this online degree. Bear in mind that at an on campus facility you will pay additionally for food, lodging and other physical necessities that are not part of the online education package.

The Power of Distance Learning
Afraid you'll be disadvantaged in the materials available to you if you get your degree online? Don't be. Most colleges have online libraries that provide downloadable or viewable resources. Many offer lists of other such libraries to which you can gain access with a computer and modem. Video streaming and mp3 offer lectures on your computer screen. And the best part - all of this is available to you on your schedule.

As for group work and peer support in your BA in Business Administration courses, chatrooms, email and forums can make it seem like you're sitting in the middle of the world's largest classroom. If all else fails you can always ask your teacher. He or she is just an email away.

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