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Capella University
With a body of 23,700 students, Capella University has worldwide reach. But with over a thousand faculty members and more than eleven hundred administrative employees, their classrooms are smaller than you would find in most traditional universities, and individual attention seems to be the norm rather than the exception.

Of course, at Capella there are no classrooms in the normal sense, and no bells to beat getting to them. Capella's entire learning structure is online. While there are start/end dates for courses, within that, you control your schedule.

Strong Academic Emphasis
Capella is not a trade school. Their academic curriculum is what you would expect to see at any college, and students should approach them with that in mind. For instance, undergraduate students are required to complete basic undergraduate courses in math, science, Social Science, English and the Humanities, all of which are offered by Capella.

Major coursework at Capella is broken down into eight categories: Business Management, Health Care, Higher Education, Human Capital Management, Information Technology, K-12 Education, Mental Health and Public Safety. In each of these categories Capella offers several doctorate, masters, and bachelor's degrees as well as professional certifications.

Coursework Converts to Real Credits
One example of undergraduate coursework is Criminal Justice. A student must have a high school diploma for acceptance. Course requirements for the BS in Public Safety are 180 credit hours. (Capella, as with an increasing number of traditional schools, uses quarter credits instead of semester credits.) Students will take 45 credits in general education, 37 credits in electives and 98 credits in their core subject.

Cost of courses at Capella depends on the subject and the level of degree you seek. Expect to pay between $300 and $500 dollars per course. That is roughly equivalent to what you would pay at larger public institutions or smaller private ones.

Accreditation Means Security
Capella is regionally accredited, which is the standard for university accreditation. They also have national, specialized and/or professional accreditation where the degree or certificate offered requires it.

While student comments about their experience at Capella are generally positive, some students find that distance learning is a different experience than traditional educational facilities. To a few, it may take a bit of practice to get into the flow of being proactive and being responsible for getting assignments done. Getting in touch with classmates can quickly help you get into the swing of things. The education you receive at Capella University will be of more value to you than the initial price of tuition in terms of gained knowledge and maturity.

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