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ITT Technical Institute
ITT Technical Institute operates over one hundred campuses in thirty-five states, as well as online classes, serving thousands of students. The number of campuses means even many online students are within driving distance if they need additional research materials or other assistance.

Emphasizing Your Career
ITT Tech offers bachelor's degrees in most of their courses of study and even a Master's in Business. But for ITT Tech, quite deliberately, academics, as important as they are, take a back seat to their hands-on approach. ITT Tech makes a point of seeing that you train using the things you will use in your career

Organized along the lines of a university, ITT offers six "schools" or areas of education: Information Technology, Electronics Technology, Drafting and Design, Business, Criminal Justice and Health Sciences. Each area of study offers one or more degree levels: associates, bachelors or masters

Comprehensive Menu of Courses
Not all programs are offered online. On the other hand, the single master's program is only offered online. To give an example of what is offered, courses in the Business Accounting Technology bachelor's program include Business and Information Systems, Fundamentals of Tax Preparation, Business Law and Regulation, Business Database Operations, Principles of Marketing, Corporate Finance, Principles of Professional Communication, Cost Accounting and Budgeting, Principles of International Economics, Accounting Information Systems, Corporate Analysis and Forecasting, and Accounting and Project Management Techniques

The cost of courses is actually a little less for online students than students attending the campuses. Either way, though, per class cost is between four and five hundred dollars per course. In addition to the tuition, there are also administrative fees, though these are not excessive

Transfer of Credits
ITT is nationally accredited and claims they are "authorized or licensed" by every state they operate in. They are not regionally accredited, which is what allows transfer of credits to other schools, and they are very upfront about this. In fact, their website states that ITT courses will normally only transfer to other ITT campuses (including online)

A testimony to the success rate of ITT Tech graduates, there are many satisfied students and one online father wrote that his son and daughter were both making good livings based on what they learned at ITT Technical Institute.

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