Online Universities

University of Phoenix Online
With campus as well as online degree programs including Associate, Bachelors, graduate, Masters, and PhD, the University of Phoenix features a wide range of degree programs, spanning an Associate of Arts in Sports Management to a doctorate in Health Administration. To fulfill accreditation requirements, the University requires that online students take one class at a time and spend 20-24 hours per course with the instructor in the classroom on campus.

Certificate Programs
Certification can be acquired through this university as well, like a School Nurse certificate or Human Resource Management certificate. The courses are comparable to those at a regular college, with classes like Financial Accounting, Marketing Management, and even Creative Writing.

Students Helping Students
Many prospective students can receive helpful advice about the University of Phoenix from recruiters, former students and online sources to help them decide if distance learning is right for them. A common practice among online colleges and universities is to encourage "student learning teams" to support eachother, share information, and supplement the information they receive from instructors. Students at the University of Phoenix find that working with classmates and sharing their knowledge with eachother can be a huge help toward their success.

Getting the Degree You Paid For
Tuition runs about $9,630 per year, about half that of a traditional private university and twice that of a public institution. If you explore the various avenues for obtaining student loans and scholarships, you can find a financial solution that is affordable and hassle-free. At the University of Phoenix, they offer a number of financial aid options and extensive resources to explore. The more you know ahead of time will make your decisions much easier.

Explore the Roadmap to Success
Enroll at the University of Phoenix after you have researched the details and are familiar with how distance learning works.You can do that by connecting with people who have been through the process and can guide you through it. The University of Phoenix can be the stepping stone to a great new career or a step up in the one you are already in.

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